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Volkswagen gives Brits racier-looking Tiguan R Line

No surprise, then, that it's Europe that will get a racier looking model first. Dubbed "R Line," the pumped-up Tiguan is primarily an appearance package, not really a full-blown performance model. In any case, the Tig benefits from a reworked front-end including a revised splitter and a matte chrome-finish grille, although perhaps the most distinctive element of the crossover's transformation are the fender flares that house a set of 19-inch alloys, which are tied together by a new set of side sills. Out back, there's a new bumper fascia incorporating an air diffuser motif and a discrete spoiler. All-in, it's a clean looking package that reminds us of VW's Tiguan concept from SEMA in 2008, albeit better resolved with a more unified appearance, particularly along the bodysides.

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